Construction offers a great variety of career opportunities for people with many different talents and educational backgrounds. Career opportunities in construction are predicted to grow in the coming years.

The construction industry offers a wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers to individuals willing to work hard and learn a trade. A career in the construction trades will provide excellent wages and benefits, job security, opportunity for advancement and the chance to create something that will last for years to come.


Getting Started in the Construction


  • Step 1

    Learn about the different jobs available in construction. In order to choose a career in construction it's important that you know what's available. While on any job site there are laborers that do a variety of different construction tasks, there are also plumbers, electricians, roofers and more that are specific to a particular niche in construction. The only way to ensure you choose the job that's right for you in construction is to know what all exists. For more information on different careers within the construction trades, please see CAW's Top 50 Construction Careers in Oregon

  • Step 2

    Shadow different niches. Once you've learned about the different areas and jobs you can have in construction, you can begin to investigate them more by shadowing current people in the field. By taking 1 or 2 days to follow them around, you can get a better idea of what they do and whether or not their role in construction might be the right role for you. For information on how to get involved with the job shadow process please click on the BizConnect Link

  • Step 3

    Attend training programs. Several training programs for careers in the construction field are available. Contact local technical and community colleges in your area to determine what programs they have available. In addition, many contractor associations have training centers that prepare individuals to work in the construction field. Please click here for information on CAWS Certified and endorsed training programs in the Portland Metro Area

  • Step 4

    Perform internships and apprenticeships. Once you've had some training or exposure to particular aspects of the construction field, you can take on internships and apprenticeships. These generally last weeks or months and give you the opportunity to get experience in the field working under a professional. Please click here for a list of Apprenticeship programs and training centers.

  • Step 5

    Choose the career in construction that's right for you. After you've had the opportunity to learn about the different roles available in the construction field as well as shadow and intern under true professionals, you can choose what career in construction you want to pursue. Since many of the skills used in the different construction trades are similar, you do have the opportunity to move to different jobs and positions throughout your career as long as you're not entering a profession that requires a license.