Support & Inform


For generations, jobs in the construction trades have provided stable employment and good wages. To reach journeyman status, an apprentice invests thousands of hours in on-the-job and classroom training—close to the time required to earn a four-year university degree. Construction workers are paid good wages and benefits and have access to job growth and promotions, as well as the opportunity to establish their own business.

CAWS works with youth and adult educators to increase awareness within the schools of possible careers in the construction industry. CAWS also works with state and local funding sources to support the growth of Construction related training and educational programs across the region.

Employers that strive to be as diverse as the community they represent tend to thrive in the competitive construction industry.


CAWS is dedicated to assisting the industry and it's members on finding job-ready workers and supporting job-training programs.

Looking to establish a career within the construction industry, but don't know where to start?


CAWS can help guide you through the training pathways that will develop the necessary skills you need to be successful in the construction industry.

The construction industry provides a lucrative alternative to a 4-year degree.


CAWS works to connect interested graduates and young adults to entry-level opportunities within the construction industry by providing greater awareness of the trades to regional educators and high school programs.