Construction Skill Panel


In its role as the Construction Skills Panel, the CAWS Initiative committee members have an opportunity to recommend how workforce resources are targeted based on demand and existing skill gaps within the industry. This committee will play a meaningful role in informing the investments of the Workforce Investment Board.

As CAWS works to articulate a pathway to green building jobs, the CAWS Initiative Committee has a chance to identify, inform, and vet, possible training, from the industry’s perspective,  that should be targeted for investment for the benefit of the industry as a whole.  An essencial chance for members to weigh in at the beginning, the Workforce Investment Board needs to be guided by the construction industry. 


Construction Skills Panel Projects and Initiatives

City of Portland Clean Energy Fund’s Workforce Committee

CAWS has been Chairing the City of Portland Clean Energy Fund’s Workforce Committee, the Portland Clean Energy Fund, and its efforts are targeted toward a large scale residential retrofit project is nationally recognized as the first on-bill, self-financed model partnering a city with utilities.  The City is using Recovery Act dollars to eliminate upfront costs associated with energy efficiency retrofits by offering low-interest, long-term financing.  Through this partnership, all jobs created through this retrofit project will be posted with the region’s public workforce development system, WorkSource Portland Metro, and Worksystems will invest in training necessary to address the demand for new workers as this project goes to scale.  The partnership leverages and layers funding streams, coordinates strategies, resources and programs, links supply and demand and targets training and related resources to unemployed, economically disadvantaged and underserved community residents.

City of Portland Workforce Dialogues

The City of Portland asked CAWS & Worksystems, Inc., to convene a series of Workforce Dialogue meetings. The Goal of the Workforce Dialogues was to; Share updated information around the City’s plans for Energy Efficiency and retrofitting projects.  Provide a forum for targeted stakeholders to provide input on the potential workforce issues and opportunities facing the City in regards to these future projects.  And Gather feedback around potential principles the City may include as it develops the framework for its Green workforce strategy related to Energy Efficiency and retrofitting projects.  The Dialogues added to the conversations happening throughout Portland that led to the City’s recent passage of a Resolution of Establish employment standards for all programs funded with monies from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the City of Portland.  The resolution is very much in line with the spirit of the conversations that occurred through the workforce Dialogues and also reflective of the mission of CAWS.

Identified Workforce Dialogue Principles Packet - PDF

City of Portland’s Workforce advisory Committee

CAWS will now co-chair the City of Portland’s Workforce advisory Committee and assist in the development of procurement for 100 of the 500 targeted retrofits, for a neighborhood based approach to providing Weatherization services for area homeowners.  The City NAME of program is looking at the South Waterfront contracting agreement for possible language to build a community benefit agreement for all City related Retrofit contractors to work under. CAWS will be working with reps from Local Laborers Union to develop Weatherization and Retrofit Training that will lead to registered Apprenticeship and serve as one of the training vehicles when the City of Portland’s Retrofit Pilot project goes to scale.

Apprenticeship Opportunities Project

CAWS will be working with “Port Jobs” located in the Seattle area to bring a version of the Apprenticeship Opportunities Project to our region.  In partnership with WorkSource, and the regions Registered and Pre-Apprenticeship programs, CAWS will develop a series of Workshops that provides information on the construction industry, projected construction openings-training providers-pre-requisites- wages- and overviews by trade, in order to assist prospective Trades workers with developing the right career plan for the trade that best suits them.  The goal of the service is to provide screening and referral assistance for young people, job seekers, PATP, and Registered Apprentice programs across the area. There will also be a build in component that provides support and services for existing apprentices in need of assistance to stay the course during the current downturn and or during the first 2 years.

State of Oregon’s Apprenticeship Collaboration Team

CAWS has been participating on the State of Oregon’s Apprenticeship Collaboration Team – whose mission closely aligns with CAWS.  The goal of this team is to work with state leadership to create a comprehensive system, informed by business, with clarity of roles and articulated education and training steps to increase access, promotion, diversity and offerings of apprenticeship across the state by region.