Join the CAWS


CAWS is a membership organization voluntarily created by the construction industry. Faced with an aging workforce, construction industry leaders hope to build an employee base that is more representative of the community at large while training new workers to fill future jobs. CAWS members come from across the industry— owners, developers, contractors, unions, subcontractors and community organizations— all dedicated to diversifying the trades. 

If you want to join this effort to create a regional system that diversifies and draws more workers into the construction trades, please contact CAWS for more information.

Members of CAWS are recognized leaders throughout the construction industry. By being a CAWS Member you belong to a coalition that voluntarily meets and exceeds industry standards and are paving the way to fundamentally changing the outlook on workforce diversity.

CAWS represents a unique blend of businesses, trade unions, workforce organizations, educators and community organizations around the Portland Metro Region.

CAWS is a membership organization made up of an elite group of industry professionals, dedicated to establishing industry standards and sustainable practices.

Its never to late to join the CAWS!