Industry Initiatives


CAWS is a broad coalition of industry professionals looking to make a difference in the community that we live in.

CAWS serves as a coalition of voices where initiatives and opportunities are identified, and vetted by industry stakeholders.

CAWS is able to partner, plan, and implement strategies & initiatives that support the mission of CAWS and its members. Adding value to the construction industry through it's partnership with the public workforce investment system, CAWS members are able to identify skill gaps and training needs within the construction industry and inform the public system where regional investments are needed.

If you would like to become involved in the CAWS Initiatives Committee and are interested in learning more about the CAWS strategies & initiatives, please contact John Gardner at 503-478-7354


Construction is an integral part of todays economy and culture. Our future workforce demands the knowledge and skills to help them succeed in an industry that offers a wealth of opportunity for employment in a wide variety of roles.

CAWS is an industry driven organization that prides itself on its members drive to building in a community that has both sustainable practices and promotes resource efficient standards.

The Construction Skills Panel will be the voice of industry at the Workforce Investment Board that recommend how the workforce resources are targeted based on demand and existing skill gaps within the industry.