How To Join


CAWS is a volunteer membership organization created by the construction industry. Faced with an aging workforce, construction industry leaders hope to build an employee base that is more representative of the community at large while training new workers to fill future jobs. CAWS members come from across the industry - owners, developers, contractors, unions, subcontractors and community based organizations - all dedicated to having one voice and diversifying the trades.

Where Industry works together to solve problems!

Through recognition and systemic workforce building, CAWS is the agency where organizations and industry leaders can come together to address problems, concerns, and work towards a more holistic and sustainable vision.

CAWS Membership Memorandum of Understanding

The time is now!

For more information on how you can be a part of an industry coalition and join in this effort to create a regional system that diversifies and draws more workers into the construction trades, please contact John Gardner, CAWS Investment Manager, at 503-478-7354.