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Community Workforce Agreement

CAWS is currently working in conjunction with the City of Portland, Multnomah County, ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia, Energy Trust of Oregon, NW Natural, Pacific Power and Portland General Electric, on a 500 home energy efficiency and weatherization pilot program intended to enable homeowners to access low-interest, long-term financing for quick, easy and affordable investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. In setting the standard for community engagement, the Clean Energy Works Portland Pilot Program is developing a Community Workforce Agreement that will set a standard on removing workforce barriers on the project and creating high quality standards that will benefit under-represented communities and Portland area homeowners alike. For more information on the program and how you can become involved, please visit;

8/13/09 Clean Energy Works Portland - CWA Meeting Minutes

8/24/09 Clean Energy Works Portland - CWA Meeting Minutes

8/31/09 Clean Energy Works Portland - CWA Meeting Minutes

9/09/09 Clean Energy Works Portland - CWA Meeting Minutes


On September 30, 2009, the Portland City Council signed a Community Workforce Agreement that will lead to the creation of thousands of high-quality, family-supporting jobs for qualified, historically underrepresented contractors and workers in the clean-energy economy. The City and Clean Energy Works Portland stakeholders―including public, private, nonprofit, community, and labor institutions―collaborated to create this unprecedented agreement, establishing a set of sustainable contracting standards and community benefits.

Download the Press Release from the City of Portland

Download the Community Workforce Agreement

Download the Portland City Council Resolution

CAWS is proud to have partnered with the City of Portland and other leading entities to craft this landmark agreement.

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