There are many routes to the different careers within the construction industry which vary by State. However, there are three main tiers of careers based on educational background:

  • Semi-Skilled to no experience- General site labour with little or no construction qualifications.

  • Skilled - On-site managers whom possess extensive knowledge and experience in their craft or profession.

  • Technical and Management - Personnel with the greatest educational qualifications, usually graduate degrees, trained to design, manage and instruct the construction process.

CAWS Certified Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs

Do you have limited to no experience in the construction industry and are looking to acquire basic construction training? A CAWS Certified Pre-Apprenticeship Programs may be what you are looking for. Pre-Apprenticeship Training class are designed to help people new to the construction industry choose their best career path. It will also help ensure that applicants meet or exceed the minimum qualifications for the registered apprenticeship or training program of your choice. While each program is different in terms of what they specialize in, all of them will give you a helping hand to making you successful in the construction trade of your choice. For a side-by-side programmatic matrix for all CAWS Certified Pre-Apprenticeship Training Provider please click on CAWS PATP Programmatic Matrix - PDF.

CAWS Certified Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs

Apprenticeship Training Programs

Do you have the basic construction skills and knowledge to make it in an Apprenticeship Program? Apprenticeship Programs are occupational training combined with supervised on-the-job training experience with classroom instruction. Apprentices usually begin at half the salary of journey workers - those who have completed their training and have industry certification.

New Oregon Apprenticeship Website
The Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council (OSATC), chaired by Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Commissioner Brad Avakian, has officially launched a new, info-packed website to expand outreach to potential apprentices in Oregon. Avakian’s top priority as chief of BOLI is to strengthen workforce development and improve access to job opportunities for all Oregonians.

Apprenticeship Opportunities Statewide
Interested in finding out what apprenticeship opportunities are in your area or across the state?

Northwest College of Construction
NWCC works to promote life-long learning by delivering craft, technical, supervisory and management education to the construction industry.

21st Century Apprenticeship - Information from the Workforce Onc Communities
These are tough economic times but there’s never been a more exciting time for Registered Apprenticeship, the public workforce system, education and other partners to collaborate to get more Americans re-skilled and ready to compete for good-paying jobs as our nation recovers and puts people back to work. With the recent passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Green Jobs Act, our systems have been given the opportunity to be a driving force in the revitalization of the U.S. economy —particularly in the new green economy and the preparation of America’s workers for 21st century careers.
Registered Apprenticeship Community of Practice - Earn. Learn. Succeed Announcements

Extended Learning Opportunities for Green Building

Are you an experienced Apprentice or Journeyman looking to further your knowledge in Green Building? There are many programs that can supply you with the knowledge and skills to help you remain competitive in an increasingly green market.

Portland Community College - Short Term Green Training Project

Associated General Contractors - Building to LEED(R) for New Construction

Mount Hood Community College - Sustainable Building Advisor Training Program